Simple Cures 01

Simple Cures 01

# Inflammation with swellings, Ulcers in alimentary canal or anywhere in the body:

Drink dilute juice of Ash Gourd (Ash Pumpkin) daily in the morning on a empty stomach. Avoid food for 2 to 3 hours afterwards.

# Tape worm:

Crush pumpkin seeds with milk and honey. Take this before breakfast for three consecutive days. This is a very good remedy for tapeworm.

# Worms:

* Extract four tablespoons fresh juice of cabbage and take every morning for three days.
* Chew basil leaves every day so that worms won’t grow vigorously.

#Sore Throat:

Take one teaspoon of sunflower oil to cure sore throat and loss of voice.

# Hic coughs:

* Eat an orange or drink some orange juice.
* Chew a few dill seeds to cure hic coughs.

# Corns:

* Apply lemon peel overnight on the corns will dispel it. Lemon juice can also be applied twice a day.
* Cut a piece of tomato or pineapple and bandage it on corns will soften it.

# Dandruff:

Mix one tablespoon of pure apple juice with three tablespoon of warm water. Massage this in scalp three times a week and wash after one hour.

# Diarrhoea (in small children):

Mix warm water with honey in a small cup and give it to drink for quick relief.

# Constipation:

Juice ½ lemon into hot water. Mix a pinch of sea salt and one teaspoon of honey in it and consume.