Cabbage was brought to India from Europe. Cabbage is a leafy vegetable. It is cultivated in Northern India, Malaysia, and Philippines etc.
There are many varieties of cabbage and they may be green, red, indigo and other colours. Also they differ in size and shape.
Cabbage is rich in Vitamins and minerals. Green cabbage has high Vitamin A content and also rich in Vitamin C.
It is said that the diligence of Chinese people is due to eating cabbage as main food. But excessive intake of cabbage juice may cause goiter.
Cabbage contains many chemical properties like Thyosanate, Carbinal, Lutin, Cysanthin, Salpharon, Esothayosynate etc. These take part in many activities in the body. These act as protection against diseases.
Cabbage is useful in curing cancer in breast, throat and intestines, It reduces LDL cholesterol. Cabbage cleans the free radicals. It also maintains the heart beat and blood pressure level.
Cabbage increases the RBC and very useful in the treatment of anaemia.
Cabbage controls the affects of Alzheimer and nerve diseases.
Cabbage is good for the heart. It is useful in bile, leucoderma and impurities of blood.

Take salad made of cabbage often.

Stomach Ulcer:
Drink 450ml of cabbage juice everyday for 15 days.

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